1. Final Major Project

    Only realised that I haven’t really posted a descriptive post about my FMP.

    To document and create outcomes of the available letterpress type at Colchester School of Art. This will be done to give future students and members that use the equipment a catalogue of what type there is to use, its size and finished look. 

    It will also create an educational resource / hub for people to be able to learn various letterpress techniques and process.

  2. Letterpress Takeover - 26.03.14

    I attended the second Letterpress Takeover event at The Waiting Room. It had a guest speaker, Justin from Typoretum, who gave a great talk on many people who do letterpress and they cool things that can be done with such an old process. The presentation also gave me a few ideas of things that I could include in my FMP as it ties in with what I am doing.

    The evening followed with helping to clean and organise the metal type that is soon to be available to use at The Waiting Room. Getting messy and cleaning the type and organising it also gave me some more ideas that I can include. Paul, the events organiser also showed me some old catalogs and manuals that came with all the metal type which will be really relevant for my research.

  3. Type-A-Side, Letter ‘Y’ Theme ‘Erode’

    Type-A-Side is an in-house uni competition putting students against each other to design a selected letter with a theme to it.

    Erode to eat into or away; destroy by slow consumption or distintegration.

    I chose to create my submission by burning toast, creating the letter ‘Y’ out of it creating various eroded stages and photographing the process. This was the one that I thought suited the theme the best.

  4. David Jury Poster

    Another lecture poster created by myself and Greg Barrett. David is an ex tutor at Colchester School of Art, who specialised in Type and Typographic Books.

    He came in to give a presentation, talk about our projects, give us feedback and show us other routes we can explore. Taking this purpose and creating a poster for the event we looked at simply exploring the space between each character in his name. This created a link between the poster and what David was coming in to do, to fill in them spaces within our ideas.

  5. Prints drying

    Another quick video of a fully printed letterpress typeface drying.

  6. First person printing

    Just 15 second mock up test of a way to record and show the process of letterpress in a first person view. An idea that ties in with my FMP at uni.

    I will have to hire out a decent camera to get a professional look to the recording.

  7. Adrianna Keczmerska Identity

    Continuing from the logo I designed for Adrianna. The business cards produced for her have taken inspiration from Polaroids. This allows for various photographs of hers to be produced on the front and showcases her work immediately.

    Additional work to follow.

    You can also view the project on my website pietromarano.co.uk

  8. Glug Event 20.02.14

    On thursday I attended a graphic design event in London. The night had a few good talks about some design studios how they work and how they begun. Some gave talks on different ways design works with new materials and the use of them. They used the term ‘Not Networking’ an informal approach to networking. As the majority of people who attend came in groups it looked clear that many people just spent time with who they came with. I managed to meet a few new people from the friends I came with new others that was there. 

    The night overall good it could of done with some more talks and some other side events but I would like to attend a lot more of these.

  9. Adrianna Keczmerska Photography logo

    Asked by photographer Adrianna Keczmerska to design a logo for her. She wanted something simple and unique and not a cliché of a common photography symbol. I created something bold, classic but modern by taking her initials and merging the two to have this unique and identifiable logo.

  10. AM Architectural Designs Logo

    Asked to design a logo for a freelance architect. The logo focuses on bold shapes that form structure, in this case the initials AM. The logo is clever using small detail features but overall simple and memorable.

  11. Lecture Poster

    Myself and Greg Barrett was asked to create a lecture poster for BA Hons Fashion & Textiles 2nd and 3rd year students. The poster was for two speakers in the fashion industry. The poster had to communicate both of the speakers. Researching both the speakers we then came up with a minimalistic design that took aspects from both of them and what they about to do. Using pattern and the idea of the dots being the students and the other dots being the speakers. The day before getting the poster all cleared and off to print one speaker had to pull out, the change was only minor and was solved.

  12. Photographing Posters 06.02.14

    Thursday evening down in the photography studio setting up to photography posters I have worked on. They will be used on both my printed and web portfolio, taking photographs of them against the wall will help show how both text and image will give perspective of scale on A1 size.

  13. Tate Modern

    Exhibition at Tate, some of the photography in the room was really nice. I mainly liked how it was laid out, sectioned into themes, from nature, people, places etc.

  14. Exhibition

    Light exhibition at Tate Modern.

  15. Exhibition

    Light exhibition at Tate Modern.